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Farmhouse inn: building with several rooms sharing bathrooms, lounge and kitchen. Living with the owners of the place is rather frequent, though they generally have a private sector. In the event the family owners live in the house, rooms (like in a hotel, with food services) or else the whole house, for groups, (complete rental house) are rented.

Rural accommodation: it is one of the most habitual options in areas far from the cities, and they are very similar to a tourist apartment though they generally have typical elements from rural areas, such a the type of construction or decoration. They are generally furnished with a private kitchen, bathroom, living room and a variable number of rooms.

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Rural hotel: it can also be called rural inn, and they are generally bigger, with few rooms (between 4 and 10, only restricted in some Autonomous Communities) a restaurant and daily room cleaning service. It works in a way similar to that of a conventional Hotel, with size restrictions.

Rural tourism center: a frequently small complex where accommodation, restaurant, and facilities, in addition to excursions and other open air activities are offered.

Guest house or hostel: is a place that provides accommodation to travelers or hitchhikers, particularly among youths from different countries or just visiting.

In a guesthouse guests pay for a bed (in some cases a bunk) in a bedroom that shares bathroom, kitchen and lounge. Private rooms are hardly ever available. The main benefits of a guesthouse are in the first place the low cost of accommodation if compared with other alternatives, such as hotels. Secondly, the fact that guests can get to know the rest of the travelers coming from all over the world. In the past hostels set an age limit, but nowadays it is fairly common for them to host people of all age groups. However, in most modern ones, guests are between 18 and 26 years of age.

Hostels provide the opportunity to gain a multicultural learning. There is far more interaction between guests than in a conventional hotel, and many hostels provide other activities for their guests either for free or at a very low cost. There are, however, some disadvantages. Robberies may be a problem, given that personal belongings are in common spaces. Nevertheless, thefts can be avoided by leaving personal belongings under key. Most hostels offer a simple security system to store worthy items without problem, others offer private lockers .

However, most people staying in this type of places are often worried about this issue, and therefore tend to take wealthy belongings with them.

Main characteristics

Among the key features, the following are the most relevant:

madrid hostelsmost hostels generally offer plain private rooms, for two and sometimes up to three people.

germany hostelsBedrooms vary in size between hostels, but in general they have from four to twenty beds per room. Most of them have truckle beds, single and double beds.

barlona hostelsSome hostels have rooms with private bathrooms, with toilet, laundry and shower. Others have shared showers, which are normally not too far from the rooms and within the same aisle.

sydney hostelsMany hostels have their own kitchen, where guests can prepare their meals; others have their own restaurants, cafes, or bars.

england hostelsAlmost every hostel offers lockers, sometimes for free or for a low cost for people to leave their wealthy belongings. They can be placed within rooms or in a separate place.

edinburgh hostelsSome offer clothing, although they generally charge an extra fee.

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