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It is frequently difficult to tell the differences between various types of accommodation. However, is it far more practical to recognize the differences regarding the public staying in each of them. For instance, everybody is aware that exchange students will hardly ever stay at a luxurious five star hotel, they will rather stay at hostels or lodging houses .

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On the other hand, the atmosphere of this places would hardly suit a typical family. Therefore, probably the most clear cut difference between this places is the public they target.

Nevertheless, for the sake of further clarification, we looked up the definitions of each of the most well known types of accommodation in the dictionary:


madrid hostelsAccommodation capable of comfortably lodging guests or travelers.

germany hostelshouse more o less isolated from neighboring homes, inhabited by only one family.

Small hotel or guesthouse

barlona hostelshouse where food and lodging are offered in exchange for a fee.


sydney hostelsThis word does not exist as a specific place with distinctive features. It actually derives from guesthouse. What tells hostels apart is the fact that they are commonly inhabited by students and young travelers in general.


england hostelsPublic lodge, generally situated far from urban centers and near roads, in which accommodation is offered in apartments with independent entrances from the outside, and garages or sheds for automobiles, which are either near or next to the apartments.


edinburgh hostelsPlace where people stay in exchange for a fee. Particularly muleteers, travelers, peasants, etc.

england hostelsprivate house where one leaves.

cheap hostelsguest house.

booking hotelsplace where troops camp.

hotels cheepcase containing spoon, fork and knife, that is carried in the pouch when traveling.

hotels accommodationlodging given to someone.

accommodations hotelscost of accommodation.

apartments hotelspast. In palaces or houses of lords, the room allocated as bedroom to women servants.

Hotels and travel information

Lodging house

hostelsplace that serves as protection, shelter, or lodging for people and animals.

hotelshotel that accommodates tourists during short stays.

cheap hotels hostelscharitable place where people in need are offered temporary shelter.

cheap hotelsaction and effect of lodging and sheltering.

discount hotelshouse devoted to raising and sheltering orphan or vulnerable children.

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