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There is a selection of exclusive premises among all the hotels in the world, without distinction as to continents or countries, which are scattered to convince and satisfy the most demanding clients.

We offer you a view round the most luxurious and comfortable hotels worldwide. Enjoy it.

Cape Grace (South Africa)

West Quay Road Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, PO Box 51387, Waterf Tel: +27 21 410 7100

Traditionally considered the best hotel in Africa by surveys and specialists on the matter, Cape Grace is peculiar: a tiny and elegant hotel of 121 rooms on the riverside of Cape Town. It is surrounded by water in three of its sides and it has Table Mountain as the always present background.

Rooms are furnished with modern luxuries, balconies overlooking the mountain, the international yacht navy and the exquisite port. And if you can, pamper yourself by booking a suite with terrace, private gardens and open air Jacuzzis. Quay West restaurant overlooking the water, is in line with the best, but ; Bascule Bar is, beyond doubt, the hotel’s best escape site, with its exotic selection of Whiskeys, bourbons and malts from all over the world.

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Grand Velas Hotel & Spa (Mexico)

Av. Cocoteros 98 Sur, Nuevo Vallarta, ZIP. 63735 Tel: 52 (322) 226 8000

Member of the “Leading Hotels of the World” group, Grand Velas is not a beach house in low season. Rather, it is a huge five star resort with one of the most exquisite spas in the world. It is located in the turquoise band of Banderas Bay, along the Mexican Pacific shore, 20 minutes far from Puerto Vallarta airport. Its 161 suites are perfectly placed within the luxuriant tropical vegetation, facing the sea. Paradise heats in the Pacific, and if you become tired of sunbathing in the beach, there is a world quality spa with 20 special rooms offering shiatsu, reflexology, lymphatic therapies, hot stone massages, in addition to other 40 treatments. The swimming pool facing the sea is a popular meeting place in which you will find three restaurants offering casual and sea food, and high cooking. We suggest that you try tortillas and tequilas in any of the beach bars on the shore.

Ice Hotel (Canada)

143 Route Duchesnay Pavilion l'Aigle, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec City, G0A 3M0 Tel: 00 (418) 875-4522

when you were a kid you surely dreamt with giants and fares in ice castles … two of these may have been pure child fantasy, but in the east of Canada, right in the picturesque city of Quebec, an ice palace awaits. In the entrance a vast room delights with its large walls sculpted in ice and its huge ice candelabras that will froze your astonishment in the air.

Roofs, 5,5 mts high, are covered with ice art works and there is transparent furniture meticulously sculpted and decorated scattered everywhere. You may also have a drink at the stunning vodka bar, or enjoy a hot bath under the stars and later go to sleep on a bed made of thick deer furs. This hotel is built every winter during five weeks till the end of the year, employing 12 tons of snow and 400 tons of ice; however, it is not thought for the very sensitive to the cold. Temperature within these walls is below freezing stage ; if you wish to visit it, we suggest that you take your warmest clothes and enjoy the magic together with other kings and queens of snow until the first spring sunrays bloom at the beginning of April and the hotel melts and turns into water again.

Ice Hotel Kemi (Finland)

Torikatu 2, 94100 Kemi Tel: +358 (0)16 259 502

A castle built for a queen of snow with astounding ice sculptures in each corner and huge walls made of flickering flakes. No doubt it is a dream, but a dream you can taste. You will first have to arrive at Kemi, in the north coast of the Bothnia gulf. The first sight you will encounter will be that of the snow castle with its colossal walls and its amazing strength. Be amazed at the snow towers before entering the cozy and most delicate snow hotel that rises forcefully until the first spring sunrays appear.

Following a day of delight, dine at an ice-made table and take drinks carried by a deer. From there you can approach your room designed by local artists. A night in the artic bears something special, particularly when you spend the night embracing a Ajungilak sleeping bag. Ideal to uplift your spirit.

Pearl Resort in Taha’a Island (French Polynesia)

Taha'a road, Patio, French Polynesia 987 Tel: 00 689 50 84 52

Many times paradisiacal places have been described as heaven on earth, which may sound rather cliché. However, when referring to Travel Pearl Resort that depiction becomes really close to reality. This resort is situated in the French Polynesia, an archipelago in a small corner of the South oriental Pacific paradise, which is only 5 minutes from Taha’a island by boat.

Whether looking for a place to go honeymooning or simply seeking to relax with a friend, you will hardly find as picturesque a resort. Each suite has private swimming pool and patio and the activities offered range from windsurfing to playing tennis. But the key in Travel Pearl is escaping from daily routine, sunbathing a little, and forgetting about everything.

Taprobane Island, Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

Tel: +94 91 438 0275

In the southern coast of Sri Lanka, right to the east of Galle, you will find Taprobane, a small private island with a unique exclusive residence that can be rented for a group of up to 12 people. This airy and roomy house built by a count in 1929, during the 1950’s served as home to the American author of “The Spider’s house” , Paul Bowles. Only 45 mts away from the beach, the island can be amazingly approached either by water or on elephant back! Its numerous rooms filled with antiques overlook exquisite marine landscapes and six servants dressed in traditional garment carry food and drink to the place you are lyinig, upon the ring of the bell. Pure paradise.

Hotel Nacional (Cuba)

Calle 21 y O, Vedado, Habana, 10400 Tel: (53-7) 33 3564

When in Cuba, do not hesitate to visit and stay at the Spanish colonial majesty of El Nacional, the most famous Latin-American hotel, which bears the smell of romance, revolution and intrigue, associated with Castro’s lands. Stand in a slope from where you will view the ample oceanic route of Malecón

Request for a room with a view to the sea, the spectacular landscapes of the bay and the Old Habana Buildings.

Pictures from old American gangsters, Hollywood stars and Cuban politicians paper the walls of the hotel’s bar. The tiled lobby with its palm trees and its ceiling fans is among the most beautiful ever seen. And you can not miss lying on the three sided garden-patio with a mojito in your hand, and witness the peacocks play in the fields, with the ever present salsa melody as a background.

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Park Hyatt (Japan)

3-7-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, 163-1055 Japan Tel: +81 3 5322 1234

A house far from home for jet set business travelers with big bank accounts, Park Hyatt is one of the top hotels in Tokio.

It is worth visiting for the sake of sleeping on its gigantic beds wrapped up in Egyptian cotton sheets and soft blankets. You will feel like a Japanese emperor in the marble bathrooms with ironed kimonos hanging on the walls, rooms lightened with paper lanterns and decorated with woven straws and lacquer boxes filled with plenty of cosmetic items. You can also find the New York Bar and Grill in the 52nd floor, the most famous restaurant in Tokio, in which booking must be done several months in advance, so as to schedule it properly. Situated in the heart of Shinjuku, the gleaming business and entertainment district in Tokio, it is the perfect launching place to visit the scenario where Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray shot “Lost in Tokio”. If you can not go, at least afford a delicious bowl of udon.

Savoy (United Kingdom)

Strand, London, WC2R 0EU Tel: +44 (0)20 7836 4343

Together with Dorchester and The Ritz, built on the edge of Covent Garden and with a magnificent view to the Tames, the Savoy is the great milestone among hotels in London. A majestic and admirable neoclassic façade hides deco rooms with fabulous gold mirrors, Queen Anne sofas and Victorian sofas, suited for the presidents and kings who have stayed in.

The view from the river side includes the Big Ben, the Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. We also and particularly recommend an evening at the River Restaurant, the view of which is the best of all. The gymnasium is said to be one of the best in the city, however, most tourists spend most of their time at the famous Savoy Grill so as to prove it.

Burj al-Arab (Dubai, Arab Emirates)

Burj al-Arab (Tower of the Arabs, in Arab) is a hotel situated in the city of Dubai. It is the highest building worldwide (321 meters tall) used exclusively as hotel and one of the more representative hotel facilities. It is situated in the sea, on an artificial island 280 meters far from the beach, in the Persian Gulf. It is linked to solid ground through a road.

The construction of the building began in 1994 and it was officially inaugurated on December 1st, 1999. The building tries to recall a ship and is situated in a way so that its shadow does not cover the beach. There is a heliport at the top of the hotel.

It is graded as a seven star hotel, categorization that goes far beyond the traditional one, ranging from 1 to 5, given its really exceptional features which make it stand out from any other type of hotel in the world. Burj al-Arab does not have ordinary rooms but 202 double suites, instead. The smallest of all is 169m2 while the largest is 780 m2.

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